x _ k v a r t e t t
l e m b e  l o k k _ c l a u d i o p u n t i n  _ p e t e r  h e r b er t _ s a m u e l    r o h r e r

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Lembe Lokk : voice, texts
Claudio Puntin : clarinet, bass clarinet
Peter Herbert : contrebass.
Samuel Rohrer : drums, percussion

x _ k v a r t e t t  was founded on the idea of organised chaos, a chaos which reflects a character ephemeral and fragmented, at once hard and fragile, of our time.  It’s a declaration of the love of life.  x _ k v a r t e t t ’s music varies from psychadelic sound sculptures and open atmospheres through to powerful and sustained rhythms. The four musicians, who all evolved their playing in the milieu of free improvisation, use this freedom to create new forms reminiscent of the instinct and spirit of punk.  They move easily through the flux of time to capture the now. While most of their songs are created through free improvisation, the music is also supported by structures and texts. The act of composition is like a compass point directing their musical energy.

x _ k v a r t e t t  is a group which discovers itself anew each performance and ceases to exist in the same form the following day.  As a result, their concerts are like a synapse between space and  time shared with the public.


_Peter Herbert | www.peterherbert.com
_Claudio Puntin | www.claudiopuntin.com
_Samuel Rohrer  | www.samuelrohrer.com

i . n . o u i

   |   s i n c e   2 0 0 2  

i.n.oui from 2002 to now:

Sika Gblondoumé – voice
Bertrand Denzler – saxophones







Romano Pratesi – saxophones, clarinets
Thomas Charmetant – cello
Sophie Perret – piano
vincentjulienpiot – piano
Christine Chardonnier – flute
Sébastien Del Grande – drums
Scorpène Horrible – video
Jean Bordé – contrebass

_sound >  I want to be with you   |

i.n.oui is a series of musical or interdisciplinary projects initiated by Lembe Lokk and open to all the encounters possible between improvisators et improvisations.

The repertoire of i.n.oui is simply… i.n.oui Existing or invented music, body ‘movements’, creating an encounter always unique, never repeated.  From noises to the music of silence, known or unknown, the language of  i.n.oui is, quite simply, the sound.

i.n.oui concerts were given in numerous concerts and recordings.


_Scorpène Horrible  | www.scorpenehorrible.com
_vincentjulienpiot  | www.vjp.li