l e m b e  l o k k  _ p e t e r  h e r b e r t

 |   s i n c e   2 0 0 4  

Lembe Lokk: voice, texts, objects, samples







Peter Herbert: contrebass, objects, samples

Since their meeting in the middle of a course on european jazz, the complicity of these two improvisers has continued unabated.  Their pairing is the fragile intimacy of two monsters of experimentation who let go without exhibitionism and who express directly one-to-one, without shirking.  The improvised and composed music which emerges out of their fascinating and quasi-erotic exploration of their instruments, often outside their classical use and ignoring the boundaries of known sounds and repertoire, is a music constantly renewing itself, a music which has its own life.  Accoustic musicians par excellence, Herbert and Lokk in performance also use soundtracks created by them in a studio and considered as equal partners in the improvisation.

The carnal theatrical presence that Herbert and Lokk bring to their performances ensures that these concerts are as much visual as they are auditory.


_Peter Herbert | www.peterherbert.com