l e m b e  l o k k    _   g j a r   p r o j e k t

 |   s i n c e   2 0 0 4  

Lembe Lokk : voice, texts, compos
Romain Molist : piano, compos







Philippe Rouillard : contrebass

g j a r _ p r o j e k t [ - > C D ] is the story of a voice which draws on multiple sources to express the surge of life. The group started by appropriating jazz standards and turning them into their own compositions, compositions which traverse between different registers according to what is to be said, to be felt.  Its the blues, with that genres easy ability to recount lifes knocks, hammering out a spoken-sung obsession for life.  Its the haunting Estonian tradition with its lullabies, which transform into free tonality nightmares.  Its the lyricism of the norths extensive, vibrant and crystalline sounds.

The music of Gjaar Projekt is also a joyous reflection of musical complicity in which instrumental hierarchy has no importance.  The voice could carry a text, but it could also often be an instrument like the others.  And the texts in Estonian, French or English are profound, true and disturbing poems or stories.