c h a m b r e  f r o i d e

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Sound and choreography










of and by Lembe Lokk

Duration 40 mins

Chambre froide… weaves a trajectory between choreographic theatre and improvised music. 
A woman is portrayed dressed in black and white, against a dazzling, almost aggressive, white background.  Is it light from an operating theatre or a snowy winter’s day in the north? In her is an encounter between her contradictory nordic heritage and her own madness.  Her piercing regard analyses, with a humour and irony exacerbated by her nordic origins, her introversion and hypocrisy; while her body and voice clearly indicate her strong link to another facet of the north: its capacity for extremes and the tension of its contradictions.



Text : extracts from ‘Tropic of Capricorn’ by Henry Miller
Collaborations :
Direction Ruth Uskalovsky
Choreography Manuel Soto
Design Sarah Trouche